Like the rest of the SFG network, SFG Advice is a boutique financial planning business that’s all about flexibility and being an enjoyment to work with.

We work closely with brokers just like you to delivery the ideal outcomes for clients.

This allows us to delivery the very best client-centric, fee-for-service financial advice that’s in the best interests of your clients- always!

SFG Advice is all about working with you to help your clients CREATE THEIR GOOD LIFE! CREATING THE GOOD LIFE is all about constructing a financial roadmap for life’s challenges taking into account savings, investing, growth and protection of the assets and income you have. Many of the SFG broker network refer their clients to SFG Advice because they’re confident that they’re clients will receive the advice they can rely upon.

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Hi, I’m Alex, the Principal Adviser of SFG Advice.

Having a trusted network is essential to a successful business and after all, our businesses are all about trust to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

I work with many of the brokers in the SFG network to deliver a complete financial roadmap to clients to help them create their good life.

If you haven’t met me yet at the SFG PD days I’ve been part of the SFG network for years and would love to say G’day. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email so we can tee up a time to discuss your client’s needs. 

What our partners are saying

Fabio De Castro

Simplify Finance - Broker & Director

‘As a mortgage broker, I have worked closely with Alex and his team for the last 2 years. Alex has been instrumental to provide our clients guidance to achieve their financial objectives and has gone above and beyond in assisting my business from inception to a growing business.

We thoroughly enjoy working closely with him and the SFG Advice team as we believe their approach to financial wellbeing is second to none.’

David August

Initial Finance - Broker & Director

‘We are very lucky to have Alex and SFGAdvice look after us here at Initial Finance. 

The professionalism and integrity shown by the team ensures our working relationship will continue and prosper well into the future. 

We take comfort knowing our and our families financial situations are in safe hands.

Thank you Alex and Team!’

Blake Buchanan

SFG - General Manager

‘Alex is a consummate professional and a pleasure to deal with. I’d happily recommend referring financial planning clients to Alex.’

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